Free-Range Turkeys

We are raising two heritage breeds of turkey this year: Narragansett and Royal Palm. Heritage breeds are older, slower growing breeds. They do not get as big as the modern, broad breasted breeds, which often grow so large that they are unable to mate naturally and can have other difficulties due to their large size.  Heritage breed turkeys take a bit longer and are a bit smaller, but the result is very flavorful meat.

Our turkeys day range within a portable fence. At night, they are protected from predators inside a mobile coop. Every few days, we move the coop and the fence to give them access to fresh pasture. They enjoy an organic ration in addition to all the forage they can eat.

Our turkeys weigh between 8 and 18 pounds and cost $7.50/pound.

Our turkeys are here! Please give us a call at (413) 219-0588 if you want us to hold a bird for you! Pete will also have turkeys at the Northampton Winter Market at its new location at Smith Voc.