Meet the Farmer

Hi, I’m Pete.

After years as a vegetarian and vegan, I became interested in the work done by Temple Grandin and others related to humanely-raised livestock. After my family moved to our farm in Easthampton, I began raising livestock to feed my family. I started with a few chickens for eggs and meat, then added pigs, and finally cattle. For several years I sold beef, pork, chicken, and eggs at farmer’s markets and through a CSA. In 2014 I wound down my own farming operation when I became the Assistant Director of Livestock at Hampshire College. I stopped raising chickens and pigs, but continued to raise cattle. For a couple years I sold only live animals to wholesalers or other farms. I appreciated the easy logistics of such sales, but missed connecting with the folks actually eating the meat from the animals I’ve raised. I’m happy to once again be selling pasture-raised beef directly to consumers.

-Pete Solis