We are again offering our meat through a CSA program. We’ve changed things around since last year. Instead of us picking the cuts and setting a monthly quantity, as a shareholder, you will be able to choose the cuts you want, when you want them. We will give each shareholder a Share Card that can be used to pay for any available items at any of our farmer’s markets or during regular on-farm pick-up hours from 12-2 on the first Sunday of the month. Shareholders can pick-up meat as often or infrequently as they choose during a six month period. New shareholders can join at any time.

Shareholders benefit because when they use their Share Card, they pay 50 cents per pound less than the regular price. Shareholders will also receive regular updates about what cuts are available and priority when availability is limited.

We benefit because we get payment closer to the time when we incur feed and slaughter costs, and we can better plan our production schedule.

For more information about our CSA please check out our CSA Brochure.