Announcing our Fall Meat CSA

Here’s a nice big annoucement: we are starting a Fall Meat CSA program. Here’s the brochure.

This is a trial run to see how much I enjoy running a CSA. We are asking for a four-month commitment. Every month, you’ll come to pick up your share at our farm. You share will consist of 1 incredibly delicious pasture-raised chicken, five pounds of our grass fed beef and five pounds of our forest-finished pork.

We are asking $440 for all of this yummy stuff. The price works out to around $7.33 per pound, which if I do say so, is a bargain.

We’re pretty excited about the idea of a meat CSA and hope that you are, too.

Again, here is the brochure. There’s an order form in there. Thanks for looking!

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6 thoughts on “Announcing our Fall Meat CSA”

  1. Best of luck in this endeavor! If you grow your CSA options, I’d be extremely interested in a smaller share with no pork. We run into this same thing with all of the meat CSAs I’ve seen out there: we can’t accomodate that much meat in our freezer and I don’t eat pigs, though they are admitedly quite delicious animals.

    1. They are tasty! This year’s CSA thingy is pretty much a test to see how I like running one. I imagine, if it goes well that we will do a half-sized share next year. And, of course, a no-pork option. Maggie wants me to get sheep, too…

    1. I’ll be at the Northampton Saturday market and the Northampton Tuesday Market until they close for the season. I’ll be attending the Northampton Winter market as well. If it end up being more convenient for you to pick up at those markets, I’d be happy to do that.

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